About Me

My secret wish, and part of my plan for an eternity in heaven, is to become a killer drummer; like rocking out, arms flying, pounding away a beat as an act of worship. Not kidding, but with my man + 5 kids to love, fostering small babes, people to serve and Jesus’ story to tell, it’s not happening anytime soon!

  • My entire closet and home decor consists of black, white and grey.
  • I love the desert.
  • Cacti and succulents are my house plant jams.
  • My favorite hairstyle is when it’s shaved.
  • My logo is my tree tattoo and “Pursued” is inked on my wrist.

My heart and urgency to write came out of God proving beyond a doubt that His goodness and mercy pursue us even in, and especially when you’re in, the very midst of the darkest evil. He always wins! His light always shatters darkness and brings the HOPE we are all searching for.

There are so many lies out there telling women how to live their lives that I needed to share Jesus’ story of pursuit in my life; to comfort others with what I’ve been comforted with. We all go through darkness. I’m here to share just how much He wants to do you good and how powerful He is to shatter the lies and accomplish His love for us.

So walk, crawl or lie flat on the ground with me on this journey of remembering and learning WHO and WHAT we are Pursued By. We are promised and headed for freedom.